The Regional Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv is awarded with a prestigious prize for educational initiative

Regional Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv won the Heritage Award of the Bulgarian Museums Association for 2023. The museum was awarded this prestigious prize in the category “Educational Initiative” for its project “Adventures with Argyr” – a children’s educational book.

The book “Adventures with Argyr” inspires curiosity and a sense of magic among young readers, offering them a unique journey through the rich heritage of the Bulgarian culture. Its imaginative and intuitive nature attracts children’s attention, providing them with a wealth of knowledge related to the traditional and urban culture of Bulgaria.

The book’s special attention to detail, picturesque illustrations, and engaging narrative environment make learning not only informative but also fun for young readers. “Adventures with Argyr” enjoys a wide interest from adolescents and has become an integral part of the educational process in many educational institutions.

The project “Adventures with Argyr” was realized thanks to the financial support of the National Fund “CULTURE” under the “PROGRAM FOR THE RESTORATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF STATE, REGIONAL AND MUNICIPAL CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS”.

The Heritage Award is a recognition of the Regional Ethnographic Museum’s commitment to the development of the educational sphere and the preservation of Bulgaria’s cultural heritage. Thank you sincerely!