Regional Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv is the second largest specialized museum of this type in Bulgaria. It is an acknowledged scientific-educational institution and an attractive centre for cultural tourism. The museum was established in 1917 and since 1938 it has been located in Kuyumdzhieva house – the most beautiful and representative building in the heart of the Old Town. It is a cultural monument of national importance, which belonged to the wealthy merchant Argir Kuyumdzhioglu. The museum’s rich exposition presents the traditional culture of Thrace, the Rhodope Mountains and the Sredna Gora mountains during the period of National Revival. In addition to the agriculture and stockbreeding typical for the villages, crafts and trade rapidly developed in the cities. Numerous exhibits show the change in the way of life of Bulgarians from this period.   Among the traditional museum’s events are the Traditional Crafts Week, St. Spiridon’s Day celebration, the International Biennale Masters of Caricature, and the Chamber Music Festival – Plovdiv. Annually, the museum presents local and guest exhibitions, concerts, theatre productions, book presentations, re-enactments of traditional rituals and more.