An integral part of the architectural masterpiece Kuyumdzhieva House (REM – Plovdiv) is the courtyard, where all the guests of the museum first enter. It is a place for relaxation and enjoyment among a variety of plant species. Some are the 500-year-old mulberry three, the evergreen magnolia, the boxwood, the Japanese medlar, the silver pine, the Ginkgo Biloba, the fig tree and many others.   Entering the courtyard, visitors seem to be taken away to another world, far from the hectic everyday life and city noise. The air here is different in each of the four seasons. The yard is beautiful when the sun shines and the flowers bloom in different colours; when it rains and smells fresh; when the leaves fall off the trees the Ginkgo Biloba seems to be adorned with gold, and on a snowy day, it looks like an artist’s landscape depicting the most beautiful, wintery fairy tale.   The Plovdiv architect Hristo Peev wrote: “There was a magnificently crafted marble fountain in the courtyard of the house of Argir Hr. Kuyumdzhioglu. The rest of the yard has been divided into terraced beds, in which flower gardens have been arranged, dotted with grass and cheerful colours, between which a path paved with stones meanders… Indeed, we can hardly imagine a more cheerful and vivid picture, spreading such a homely feeling than these courtyards-gardens. The creative fantasy of the master has created a unique picture of a home where life was true joy and happiness.” Today, the courtyard of the Regional Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv hosts a variety of cultural events, concerts and fun children’s events.