Radiances over Havana
Do not miss the hottest summer event, “Radiances over Havana” on July 27, at 6 pm. An evening filled with the magic of photography from Cuba by Snezhina Gulubova, which you can view until August 3rd and a concert by the creator of the musical style changotrap Lando Lavara.

Free entrance!
Lando Lavarra (a.k.a. Black Lyon) is a cuban rapper, producer, singer, composer and the creator of the new musical genre changotrap, a symbiosis of the american urban style trap and Afro-Cuban folkloric music (rumba, conga, bemb é). Through “Radiances over Havana”, this enchanting musical festival will transport us to the colourful world of the rhythms and dances of Cuba. The apogee of emotions will occur with songs from his latest album “Bad Intentions”.
A PhD in ethnomusicology who developed and wrote the first study on the Cuban music scene of Havana and London for the years 2010 – 2022, Snezhina had been visiting Cuba since 2015 and living in its Capital since 2020. A storyteller who uses very art forms to share stories, Snezhina published the poetry collection “Time Whispers” and runs the cultural Blog “Cuba en Camino”. On this occasion, the author will take us around Havana through her camera lens, capturing the sunrises, sunsets and moments of Caribbean magic that you will experience at the exhibition “Radiances over Havana”.