The Musical Instruments and Ritual Properties fund includes over 5,500 inventory items. This is the second-largest collection of folk musical instruments in the country – kavals, whistles, bagpipes, gadulkas, tambourines, etc. The collections of martenitsi, Easter eggs, and children’s toys are also plentiful. Barrel organs, musical boxes with their cylinders, gramophones, records, and radio sets are stored in the fund. The phonograph presented at the First Plovdiv Fair is also part of the fund. A large part of the personal archive of the Bulgarian musician, conductor and musicologist Angel Bukoreshtliev is kept here, it contains documents and photographs of many important musical figures.   The information about the First Singing Society, the first Children’s Music Band, the creation of the opera in Plovdiv, the performances of the State Symphony Orchestra in the city under the hills are priceless.