Threads I weave and threads I twine, joy and sorrow intertwine...
The exhibition presents the different faces of magic, the magical power of plants and its use. It reveals rituals, customs, characters and objects that played an important role in the daily life of our ancestors. Thanks to the illustrations of the Plovdiv artist Dafina Terzieva, anyone who visits the exhibition can get closer to their world. Wonderful are the superstitions about the various spells – how to bring down the moon, turn a person into an animal, protect yourself from a zmei (dragon) or make someone love you. . .
Magic has accompanied the weekdays and holidays of people since prehistoric times. It is a set of actions and rituals done in the belief that through certain means and ways, one can influence their fellow ones, animals and nature.  Magic is controlled by people connected to supernatural powers: sorceresses, herbalists, mamnitsa, and vrazhalitsa. They affect life and death in different ways. It is believed that sorceresses use “secret” knowledge for good or bad, which can help or harm people.
The magic of the Bulgarian people is in the strength of their spirit, which has overcome centuries of hardships and in their beliefs, which have withstood time.
Welcome on March 15, 2023, at 6 p.m. in REM – Plovdiv to become part of the magical experience of the exhibition “Threads I weave and threads I twine, joy and sorrow intertwine…”
We have also prepared surprises for the opening, through which all visitors can feel special and sense the magic of sound.
The project is part of the Legacy 2023 program of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019.