The Day of Trifon Zarezan

For another year the Day of Trifon Zarezan – the holiday of vineyards and wine, was celebrated at the Regional Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv as the tradition prevails.

The Day of Trifon Zarezan – a celebration of vineyards and wine was celebrated traditionally for another year in the Regional Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv.

Father Peter from the “St. Constantine and St. Helena” church held a water blessing service for health and fertility with the consecration of wine and bread, after which the traditional pruning of the vine in the yard was carried out.

In ancient times, this holiday was associated with celebrations in honour of Dionysus – the god of wine and merriment. People believe that with the blessing of St. Trifon, the vineyards become fertile.

On this occasion, the museum presents the exhibition “From Dionysus to Trifon Zarezan”, dedicated to vineyards, wine and merriment. It tells the story of the succession of the pagan god by a Christian saint and what his place was in the church rituals and folk customs.

Among the guests at the event were the directors of the Historical and Regional Natural History Museum in Plovdiv, as well as colleagues from the Ancient Plovdiv Municipal Institute.