Song of the Tree

The “Song of the Tree” exhibition was opened in the Historical Museum – Dimitrovgrad.

The exhibits are from the Regional Ethnographic Museum-Plovdiv and present the traditional folk musical instruments (bagpipe, gadulka, tambourine, zurna, etc.) and the instruments typical for the new post-liberated city (violin, viola, zither, mandolin, etc.). Over 100 classical and traditional musical instruments made of wood from the fund of the Regional Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv are included.

Musical instruments that tell the personal stories of real-life “heroes” from the daily lives of Bulgarians are also part of the exhibition.

The magic of the Bulgarian bagpipe, gadulka and kaval, combined with the elegance of classical instruments, recreates the spirit of Bulgaria after the Liberation.

The exhibition will remain in the Historical Museum – Dimitrovgrad until 8th of December 2023.