Opening of Twelfth International Biennale "Masters of Caricature" - Plovdiv' 2023
On October 2, 2023 (Monday) at 6:00 p.m., the opening of the exhibition for the Twelfth International Biennale “Masters of Caricature” – Plovdiv’ 2023 will take place.
The current Biennale “Magic in Time and Space” theme is focused on the world of the supernatural and the magical that has accompanied humanity since antiquity. Every nation has good and demonic characters united by magic in its traditional culture. By resorting to the help of magic, people seek to compensate for their inability to achieve what they want through rational means. Magic is supposed to fill this gap by replacing the lack of knowledge with the wrong association of ideas and absolutising the principle that “likeness begets likeness.”
It is a good sign for us that the participants in the Biennial have understood the theme and have translated through art their understanding of magic, of illusion, of the unexplainable in general. Through the universal language of caricature, the authors reveal to the audience various ambivalent categories such as truth and delusion, funny and sad, traditional and modern. By visualising their ideas, the masters of caricature “give birth” to masterpieces on the white page.
232 cartoons by 106 authors were submitted to the 12th edition of the International Biennial “Masters of Caricature” – Plovdiv 2023. They represent 37 countries from the five continents. According to the regulations, the jury nominates 20 artists. They awarded five of them with the title “Master of Caricature” and the rest with a diploma. Congratulations to the winners!
In addition to these, other interesting cartoons are included in the Biennale catalogue. All the works that meet the high requirements of the jury find a place in the exhibition.

You can view the exhibition until the end of October 2023.