The Furniture and Interior fund includes over 1,200 movable cultural properties. Among them is the priceless collection of lounge sets and bedroom sets in various styles – Baroque, Empire, Biedermeier, and Secession.   Here you can find the furniture that belonged to the first Plovdiv mayor, Atanas Samokovliev, the bedroom of Antonio Collaro – one of the previous owners of the Kuyumdzhioglu house, or a set for the ladies’ salon made of pink plush and grey silk damask, which belonged to the wife of the French ambassador in Plovdiv Champoiseau.   Worthy of attention is the rich collection of crystal mirrors, clocks, gas lamps, chandeliers, and porcelain and silver tableware purchased from major European cities. The collection of trade trunks and family chests, dating from the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century, is also impressive.