The Regional Ethnographic Museum celebrated the Day of Saint Spyridon

On December 12, 2023 (Tuesday) at 10. 30 a.m., REM – Plovdiv, the Regional Craft Chamber – Plovdiv, the Fellowship of the Masters of Folk Artistic Crafts, the Regional Chamber of Crafts – Plovdiv and the club “Friends of Regional Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv” invite you to the traditional craftsmen’s feast “St. Spiridon”. In the courtyard of the museum will be reproduced the craft ritual celebrated since the Revival period. St. Spyridon`s day, who is revered as the patron saint of potters, tile makers, brick makers, shoemakers, cobblers, and others, is known in the country as “The Day of the Masters”.

In Plovdiv, traditionally, the General Craft Association celebrates St. Spiridon. The traditional rite of initiation into the rank of the master craftsman was also part of the guild celebration. The feast of the guilds was accompanied by town-wide folk rejoicings. The whole procession of festively dressed craftsmen and citizens will march to the church “St. Virgin Mary”, where a solemn liturgy will be celebrated. After feasting on the consecrated Guild`s pendiharo (five-loaf bread) and kolivo (boiled wheat) for the health of all the living and in memory of the deceased masters, everyone will return to the Ethnographic Museum.

In honour of the patron saint, the guild would purchase a sacrificial male animal with common funds, which would be slaughtered for the Kurban and a communal meal would be organised. The day ended with a festive ziafet (feast), where masters, squires and apprentices sat at a common table and made merry as they should.

The programme includes:

– 10. 30 a. m. – Meeting point in the courtyard of the Regional Ethnographic Museum

– 11. 00 – Festive procession through the streets of the Old Town (starting from the courtyard of the Regional Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv)

11. 15 a. m. – festive liturgy in the church “St. Virgin Mary. “

– 12. 30 pm – Opening of the exhibition “To Weave Dreams” on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Stoina Krastanova