REM - Plovdiv will be open for visitors on May 1st
The weather in Plovdiv will be wonderful for a walk on May 1. Don’t miss to see the most beautiful part of the city – the Old Town, which also houses the Kuyumdzhioglu House (Regional Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv), and it is not to be missed. In the museum, you will be taken to the period of the Bulgarian Renaissance and immerse yourself in the traditions, culture and lifestyle of the people of Plovdiv from that time.
Our newest exhibition “Threads I Weave and Threads I Twine, Joy and Sorrow Intertwine” (Magic and Magical in Bulgarian Folk Culture) awaits you. It presents the different faces of magic, the magical power of plants and their uses. It reveals rituals, customs, characters and objects that played an important role in the daily life of our ancestors.